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MOST OF THE PHOTOS CAN BE PURCHASED,please send your request to the email listed below.To maintain quality control the shopping basket is disabled.

The purpose of these pages is to share the beauty of Southeast
Alaska (and a few other places) with anybody who appreciates nature, travel
or life in general.There will be a new gallery each month.

"ALASKAN IMAGES" (and other decent exposures)
P.O.Box 77, Wrangell, Alaska 99929, USA, phone (907) 874-3152

PRICES:4x6..$2.95ea., 5x7..$7.95ea., 8x10..$17.00 ea.or $29.00 ea.mounted flush.
16x20...$57 ea.,20x30...$79 ea., rolled in a tube.
Printed on glossy Fuji pearl photo paper.

Also avaiable:5x7 notecards(4x6photo) with envelopes, $4.50ea.
By request: imprint of your choice, $2 per each notecard order. Quantity discount given for 10 or more notecards..
Shipping $10 per any order to a single address, all inquires are welcomed.

Thank you for visiting, best wishes Ivan Simonek.


Ucelem techto stranek je podelit se s Vami o krasy jihovychodni Aljasky (a par dalsich mist). Kazdy mesic bude nova galerie, jakekoliv pripominky ci navrhy jsou vitany. Dekuji za navstevu, z Aljasky Vas zdravi Ivan Simonek.

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